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Preparing for Court

Our Legal Resources page is for people who are handling their legal problems without a lawyer.  This website does not give legal advice and it is not a substitute for having a lawyer.

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What is difference between a CIVIL case and a CRIMINAL case?

The Mississippi Bar provides some information for the public about the differences in civil and criminal cases.  Click the button to find out more info.

Self Representation Resources

Legal terms

 The Mississippi Bar has organized a list of legal terms and their definitions.  This list might help you in understanding legal procedures or documents.

Legal Terms Procedures


Mississippi court rules

 Since you will be held to the same standard as attorneys when you represent yourself in court, you may want to review  the Rules of Court.

Mississippi Rules of Court

Mississippi Legal System Rules

mississippi code annotated

 The laws enacted by the Mississippi Legislature are found in the Mississippi Code.

  Mississippi Supreme Court

  Mississippi Legislature

Libraries in mississippi

 Your local library has many resources, including computers, to help you prepare for court.

Library Directory

Self-help videos

 Through a partnership with the Mississippi Department of Human Services' Access to Visitation Program and the University of Mississippi Clinical programs self help videos will be made available soon.

Free legal forms

 The Mississippi Access to Justice Commission is please to offer several online forms for individuals representing themselves.

Free Legal Forms

Legal Service providers

 Contact one of the legal service providers listed on this website for representation.

 Legal Service Providers

hire a lawyer

 If you would like to get representation click on our hire a lawyer representation.

 Hire a Lawyer


Get additional help for preparing for court by contacting one of our legal service partners!